About me

Hi all!

My name is Kaya, born 25th of january 1981 in the Netherlands. I am mother to five children, Faybian (1999), Jaiden (2001), Riven (2006), Niiv (2011) & Jamie-Dean (2014). I live together with my boyfriend, from Belgium,Jean since 2011.

e, Jean & Jamie-Dean

We moved to a little village in Dalarna-Sweden the first of july 2015. Something completly different than Holland. So we found out, because neither of us had ever been here before.
We made a heartchoice to go here and start a new life in this beautiful nature.

Both me and Jean are vegan, and so are our kids. We live a high carb, low fat vegan lifestyle with mostly whole foods.
For me this lifestyle became life changing when I got diagnosed with a braintumor in 2007. I tried a lot of different streams within the vegan community, raw, bananagirl, rawtill4, high fat and so on.
But for me being raw works best.

So we all eat this way and on this blog I will tell you all about it!

Love & greenthings,

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