A trip through the garden

Spring had begun in Dalarna, everything went green overnight, and trees and flowers are blooming everywhere. I love it!
After a long winter and snow this is so amazing to see. How awesome mother nature is!
Unfortunatly there felt also a lots of rain, so much that the river is overfloathing at some places and is extremly high!
It’s impressive!
This week my smallest child went to school. Well daycare really.
It is really strange, for almost 17 years I have small children at home and today I am along. All kids are in school and husband is working.
That means for the first time in my adult life I am alone with myself. Which makes my journey new and somehow strange and getting used too.
Jamie-Dean gave me this big hug went I brought him en just go inside without looking back or wave at me.
I had to swallow some tears.
But it’s good, he is ready for it and that is what counts. And I need to get along with myself as well, and find out who I am after so long being just a mama.

I will be fine and will find more time to enjoy my time and nature.
Yesterday i went through the garden and enjoyed the sun. Because after all the rain I almost forgot how it looked!
Pimpim kept me company 🙂 And in the end everybody came out and we had some fun playing ❤


Pimpim trying to get my attention


THe appletree is about to blossom


My beautiful swindle


Rhubarb in the making


The promise of lots of berries this summer


THe path to the river and my special place in the garden


Pimpim is coming along


Normally i sit against this tree and am still a meter or so above the water and 2 meter from the water


Come on mama, let’s go!


Bushes trying to keep their head above the water, normally they are on a island


Our beautiful house


Pimpim ❤


Me and Pimpim enjoying some sunshine


Cute little blue tit caring for his babies ❤

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