Heavy thursday

Let’s just say it was not our day yesterday. Bad news from Belgium turned our world up side down, made us angry, upset and afraid.
I can not go into details, but we have to be creative for the coming months.

It was stress I could absolutly not use and it took me the whole day to get calm again.

I am so grateful for my children who can always get me back up my feet. So instead of being pissed, Jean build a little fire outside, and when he was grilling vegan sausages outside with the children I prepared some other food to go with it.

The kids enjoyed it big time and that was great, it brought sunshine in my heart.
No matter what happens, they are my reasons to fight and I will never give up.
Just got to keep focused on what it important and than the rest fill follow ❀


Mango-banana-cocospudding for breakfast.


Carrotjuice with apple and golden beets



My scary yukky tasting green juice with curcumin and black pepper.


Happy children grlling their sausage above the fire like real Sweeds πŸ˜€

Their is always something good in a day and those smiling faces were the best πŸ™‚

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