Rainy sunday

This week was not the best one for the weather, rain, rain, snow, and than more rain. It will not get me down, but I do look forward to some sun now.
But I take it as it comes.

Today we looked the fifth episode of the serie “The truth about cancer” https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/  and learned even more stuff again today.
I really recommand to watch it if you want to learn about how to prevent or heal cancer.
I could save you life or the life of someone you love.

For now I do myself what I can.
I make alkaline water see here how:
How to make alkaline water
I take a vitamine B complex, vitamine C, vitamine D, magnesium, Quercetin, apricot kernels, spirulina, multigreen powder to drink and iodine.
And of course tumeric/curcumin.
Next to this I drink every 2 hours a carrot/beet/apple/celeryjuice and 1 time a day orange/grapefuitjuice.
Also I will aply frankinsenceoil under my tonque and drink essiactea.
I am waiting for my enemakit so I can do (coffee)enema’s as well.
Further I jump on the trampoline everyday to get my lymphatic system going, like I mentioned before and I eat only whole foods and mostly raw.
At first I wanted to eat just raw but here in Sweden that is not possibly due the lack of fresh produce.

It sounds like a lot to do, but I guess nothing is to much trouble to heal and stay alive.

Meanwhile I also try to live normal life with the children. And enjoy the little things.
Here some photo’s of today 🙂


Saw a “new”bird in my garden today.


My alkaline water


Fresh food, yummy!


Rainy day…


The ice still melting on the fields


The melting water streaming


My daughter’s creations




Slowly new life sprouts


Our beautiful lila house


Greenhouse build by my hubby


Jump jump


You see it’s fun also! And do you know what I love most about this photo? You can not see it, but it’s my husband taking the photo and standing there the whole time to support me and telling me he is so proud of me 🙂  ❤

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