Going raw

I have a hard relationship with food. Being a vegan is easy, but being raw is a different story.
Off and on I go from being raw to eating cooked food. But the thing is, when I eat cooked, I feel sick, when I eat raw I feel great.
I find that my health is lacking I have complaints that make alarmbells go ring in my head and tell me to check out my pituitarytumor again. So I went to the doctor, they took blood and now I have to give blood again on the 12th of april and need to go to the hospital the 28th.
I am nervous because I know that in 70% of the cases this is a tumor that grows back and than to think they never managed to remove mine in the first place!
I have been stable after surgery in 2009, but got problems again last year, and after taking some bloodtest the results were no good. But I had neither the guts or the energy to take a look at it further because my baby boy needed surgery for his Hirsprung disease, so I just let it be.

But now I have to let it get checked because I feel sick, I am so tired, have pain in my head, see blurry,lose my speech, produce milk, have presure on my left eye and hotflashes. Oh and let’s not forget adrenal fatigue, I almost don’t produce any cortisol…
Really nice 😦

But now the thing…can I die of this tumor?
No normally not. But I have a slight problem, I have not handle any of the medication there excist for this tumor and surgery again is not an option because of scartissue in my brain because of the last surgery.
In case of a surgery the danger is that they damage the pituitarygland and I have to take artificial hormons the rest of my life (and I react bad on everything artificial in my body). If I do nothing the tumor will grow and disturb even more hormons and make me incredibly sick, even more than now.
So I figured out that for now the best thing I can do is upgrade my micronutrients and eat raw and try to heal as much as I can living this lifestyle.

It will be hard, but I guess being sick is harder….

So I will blog about this journey getting my health and my life back. I will even vlog about it.
Mostly for myself, but also to help others.

So let’s start!


A rainy morning….


Banana, date, spinach


Smoothie for a good start


Jamie-Dean also likes it!


And Niiv seems to enjoy it too!


Morning snack, pepperminttea and a apple.


it’s nice being populair.. Everybody wants to sit on my lap hihi.

Next week I will also start running and will be taking some before shots.
I now weigh 74,5 kilo. So I will keep that as my starting point.
Let’s go for a healthy happy me!


Een gedachte over “Going raw

  1. Hallo Kaya

    Per toeval kwam ik op jouw blog ( nice btw:-) ) en ik moest dit echt met je delen. Sinds de 12e april krijg ik via inschrijving op hun site een negendelige docu-serie toegestuurd die over kanker gaat en alles er omheen. Gezien jouw eigen bevindingen dacht ik dat dit voor jou misschien dé oplossing kan zijn. Je bent al halverwege betreft je voeding en zo want dat is een grote plus maar voor je dadelijk weer misschien een operatie moet ondergaan of misschien bestraling of erger, raad ik je aan om deze docu te kijken. Je kunt zelf inschrijven of hun links vinden op hun facebookpagina. Ik zal je hier alvast de eerste drie linken geven. Ik was in ieder geval erg onder de indruk van deze docu en zal nimmer meer grijpen naar de huidige medicaties. Ik hoop echt dat je hier wat mee aan kan doen! Ik hoop ook dat je de antwoorden én genezing zal vinden. Ik kijk uit naar je bevindingen in de toekomst. Kijken hoor!!

    groetjes Annemarie



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