A day with a rainbow <3

Yesterday was such a lovely day. You just hove those days, nothing special happens, but it just is good. I am grateful for those days ❤

I started the day off with a banana/choco/coco smoothie and of course shared it again with Jamie-Dean.
I worked a bit and than received in the mail some patches I ordered to pimp the skisuit of my son. I bought it last week on a big second-hand event, also know as a loppis here in Sweden. I looked at the size and colour and that was all oké and really boy. But once at home making him fit it, I saw it had hearts on the chest and the side. Cute, but not for a nine year old boy.
First I wanted to embroid it myself, but it was too difficult on the fabric, so I ordered some Mario patches and Jean ironed them on the coat and pance yesterday.
Totally boy! And Riven was over the moon and back with his “new” suit.

After that we picked Niiv up from school and prepared lunch. I made ovenfries, white beans in tomatosauce and warmed the leftover pumpkinsoup of yesterday to dip my potatoes in.
Here they all love the potatoes like that, no oil, no chemicals and nice and crispy.
Well what can I see about this picture? They love their food? hihi

After lunch I deceided to pick the apples from our appletrees. Some already fell down from the tree, and eventhough there were not a lot because of the long winter here this year, I wanted to make applesauce out of them.
So i did!
Peeling, chopping, boil them soft with a bit water and a cinnamonstick and some coconutblossomsugar and we had enough for one big pot 🙂
Hopefully we have more next year because it tasted really good.

Diner was fries again with the applesauce, simple, but they love it and sometimes you have to make it easy for yourself.
After diner I had to pick up something at the postoffice in the village 15 km from here and when I went outside I saw this amazing rainbow.


A beautiful ending of an easy beautiful day ❤

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