Beautiful Autumn

The leaves are doing their best to get their most beautiful teint of yellow, copper, red, brown, orange and gold. I love this season. It is our first autumn in Sweden and we are already amazed by it’s beauty.

My day started today with making some snacks for my 9 year old son, Riven. He eats a warm lunch at school and they cook specially vegan for him. With that I give him some sandwiches, raw nuts and a home made mueslibar.
After I wave him goodbye it is time for my 4 year old and only daughter Niiv. She always wakes up a bit later, which is no problem, because unlike Riven’s school, hers is about 500 meter from our home. She only goes to school in the mornings so she has lunch with us at home. She only eats fruit at school, which the school provides. Stuff like that is really well arranged here in Sweden. By the time I have her dressed, the littlest one comes downstairs too and we have breakfast together. Both Niiv and Jamie-Dean love oatmeal, so most of the time I make that for them, also this morning, oatmeal with raisins.

For myself I made a smoothie of 3 banana’s, 2 dates, a teaspoon of maca and a teaspoon of barley grass. I love smoothies for breakfast!
And eventhough Jamie-Dean eats oatmeal, I álways have to share my smoothies….

Sharing ❤

After breakfast I brought Niiv to school and on our way we saw some beautiful mushrooms. They just rule in autumn!
mush3 mush2 mush1

Once home it was time to make my lunch, I work from 10 to 14 hour and eat at my job. I can eat there, but not vegan and waaaaaay too fat, so I bring my own lunch.
Today it was simple, as always actually, I boiled some potatoes, in a bowl put a cup of chickpeas and half a cucumber diced into cubes, put a bit balsamico vinegar on that and add my potatoes to that and spinkle some mosterdpowder on top, mixed it a bit and voila, lunch!


We also bought a pumpkin and I deceided to make a soup out of it. I really love the taste of pumpkin so I never try to add too much other flavours to my soup, for this diner I took a big butternutpumpkin, 2 liters of water, 4 stockcubes and 1 tablespoon of liquid smoke. Boil the pumpkin soft, blend it with the stickblender and done 🙂

soup1 soup2

Yummy soup and happy husband and kids 🙂

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